Monday, October 14, 2019    

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Parental Tips


What is the age group for participation?
Great Valley Youth Wrestling is open to youth in kindergarten through 8th grade.

What teams will GVWA wrestle against?
We belong to the Inter County Wrestling League. This is a 44-team league. Weekend matches may consist of dual, tri, or even quad meets against teams in the league. Every effort is made to wrestle against the teams that are located closest to Great Valley. Most teams that we wrestle against are within a 30 minute drive.

Who will my child wrestle against?
During wrestling meets, children are paired against one another by age, weight, years of experience, and skill level. This process ensures that children are properly paired with one another.

Will my child have to lose weight?
No. There are no formal weight classes in the Inter County Wrestling League.

Is there a varsity team?
No. All children will get the opportunity to participate in weekend wrestling meets regardless of skill sets and experience.

Where are wrestling practices held?
Practices are located in the Great Valley High School and Great Valley Middle School wrestling rooms.

When are practices?
All of our first year wrestlers 2nd grade and younger will be in the Blue Group. The group will practice 2x a week during the weeknights for 1 hour and 15 minutes each.  Wrestlers 4th grade and older will attend our Black Group practices. The Black Group will practice 3x a week during the month of November and then 2x a week from December forward.  Practices will be for 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

What is the difference in practices between Black and Blue Groups?
First and foremost, the emphasis for all groups is to have fun. In the BLUE Group, most of our time is spent on teaching the basics of wrestling. Each child will learn the rules and be able to execute some basic wrestling moves. The BLUE group is for wrestlers 3rd grade and younger. The BLACK group is a faster-paced and more physically demanding practice. 

What is the difference between a wrestling meet and a tournament?
A meet is a competition between teams although no team scores are kept in the Inter County Wrestling League. As previously described, kids are paired against one another based on age, weight, experience, and skill level.

A tournament is an individual event and attendance is optional. Individuals from our team can participate in selected tournaments throughout the area.

Can girls participate?
Yes. Wrestling is traditionally a sport for boys however it is gaining popularity with girls as a result of Title IX and the recent addition of women’s wrestling to the Olympics.